Motorcycle Gear: Women’s Edition


This blog isn’t going to be for everyone… unless you’re possibly a woman, short or have tiny hands/small feet or maybe you’re just interested in seeing gear! Unfortunately, I’m obviously not able to comment on men’s clothing! There is most definitely a difference between a woman’s stature/general shape and a man’s. For instance, most men don’t have two air bags stuck to their chest. Just sayin’. There’s the whole debate about not being gender-specific, but when it comes to safety gear such as motorcycle clothing I think it’s very important. I’ve struggled for years to find certain items of motorcycle clothing to fit me and the range that is now available is so much more diverse than it’s ever been. These are the items I’ve loved for the last couple of years and I personally think are fantastic. For me, it has to fit well, be comfortable, must be certified, and it has to look good too! Side note, not every piece of women’s motorcycle is PINK anymore. Phew.

Let’s start at the top – Helmet



I have an AGV K3-SV which I bloody love. It’s the Guy Martin Britten replica helmet and one of the most comfortable lids I’ve worn. It has fully removable and washable inner liners which I think most helmets have these days, but for me, it’s a new novelty.  There’s loads of removable parts such as the breath deflector, windproof chin protection, etc. You can buy bigger/smaller deflectors, protectors, cheek pads, etc. so it’s very easy to tweak if it doesn’t feel good in one particular area. There are lots of areas that improve the air circulation inside the helmet as well as four front air intakes and two rear extractors. I’m a wimp and hate having the wind in my eyes even at 20mph, although it’s mainly due to the fact I wear contacts, so I do need to buy a pinlock visor just to stop it fogging up riding around town. Good news is the visor included is pinlock ready. It does have a mechanism on the front for a tiny opening, but I don’t find it’s enough. I also need to buy a tinted visor whilst I’m on that train of thought! The visor is super easy to remove thanks to the quick release system so no tools required – woohoo! There is an integrated sun visor… I’ve rarely used it as I find it annoying to flick up and down as the mechanism is quite stiff. Not really a fan of this, hence why I’ll just buy a tinted visor. The fastening is a micrometric system which is the first time I’ve ever tried it actually! I’m not a fan of D-rings, that’s most definitely an unpopular opinion, but too faffy for me. It’s very comfy and the padding around the chin isn’t too bulky, just enough. I have a relatively small head… so I wear a size XS.


I have the RST Isle of Man TT Textile jacket. Pretty sure this isn’t specified as men’s or women’s.  For what I need, it serves it’s purpose and I love the way it looks – the most important thing obviously..! It’s got a CE Cert Rating of A so basically it’s very good quality. It doesn’t come with a back protector though so you have to buy this separately. Make sure you buy one! There’s a pocket for it, so don’t skimp!  The shoulder and elbow armour are included. As it’s textile, it does have a waterproof lining although this isn’t something I’ve tested just yet! There is also a connection zip at the back for your trousers, but that’s not something I use. There are inside and outside pockets, very important, and they’re very room for what you would need! I find this jacket very comfortable and it fits me well except the arms. They’re a tad too long for me, but I do only have short forearms since the elbow protectors sit in the right place. I just shove them up slightly before sliding my gloves on and that solves my issue. Overall,  I love this jacket. Compared to the Richa one I had this is far comfier and definitely more lightweight yet warmer?  I think I had to size up one as they squished my airbags a little too much, but there are velcro pulls at the bottom of the jacket which means the sizing up isn’t too bad. Ps. IT’S NOT PINK EITHER!!


Okay, I have tiny hands. I have struggled since I was probably around 14 to find gloves that fit me. Prior to living on the Isle of Man, I lived in the UK so we used to regularly visit bike shops to try and find the perfect gloves… It never happened. The kids gloves fit me in the finger length, but they wouldn’t fit me up to my wrist nicely. I bought a pair of lightweight leather RST gloves that fit me in the palm/wrist, but the fingers were probably 5cm too long… yet they were the best I could find so I settled with them. In fact, they were a size XXXS. Who new a triple small was even a thing?! Fast forward a faaaaair few years and some bike accessory shops transport all their gear over to the Isle of Man ready for two weeks at the TT as they know that’s where demand might be! It’s the best two weeks of the year for us Manx residents as we can actually try on different helmets, boots, gloves, etc. that we wouldn’t be able to find in our local dealers for example. The demand just isn’t here to hold so much stock I guess, but I understand that. I remember saying to my husband ‘well we can have a look, but I doubt I’ll find anything’.

I picked up a pair of Alpinestar Stella SP-8 Gloves, yes, they have pink accents, but I tried them on and holy moly they fitted in every possible place. (They do have these with white/black accents too, but not at the time!) I honestly can’t explain how ecstatic I was. They’re full-grain leather and feel very durable yet supple. There’s a microfiber/suede grip insert on the palm/thumb and it’s all designed specifically for women using a woman’s hand profile. I do appreciate that women’s hands do not look the same as each others… but, they clearly work for people like me who have little hands. There’s a third/fourth finger bridge to prevent finger separation, etc. and the knuckle protector is brilliant because you can’t even feel it! There’s elastic around the wrist to ensure the glove is secure plus a velcro cuff which fits very nicely over my jacket cuffs. 10/10 from me Alpinestars – bloody brilliant!


One of the most annoying items of clothing to find for me personally. It’s no secret I’m short. I’m 5’4″ at best, although Chris is even skeptical I’m that tall…  I have massive calves. No idea how, they’re just solid and always have been. Finding trousers appeared to be impossible until we found MotoGirl. Moto Girl are a brand of motorcycle clothing which make trousers, jackets and much more specifically for women. I found they did motorcycle leggings. What even is that sorcery?! I checked the size chart and it said I wasn’t my usual size of clothing. Anyway, I ordered them based on their size charts and these leggings were massive. They hung off me. We sent them back (be careful, it’s not free returns!) and ordered two-sizes down, still not my usual size. They were definitely a better fit, but in hindsight, I wish I’d have gone three-sizes down, but I couldn’t be bothered to send them back again. As I said before, I didn’t have the benefit of going in to try them on living on the Isle of Man, so I have to wing some things. Apart from the sizing being slightly squiffy, everything else is brilliant especially as I was able to choose the petite ones which meant they fit y short legs perfectly! What else is great is they have a huge range of sizes that range from a size 6 to 28 I believe. They are high waisted with thick belt loops so as they’re still a smidge too big, I just wear a belt. there’s a front zip like a pair of jeans, ankle zips (although when I buy another pair I think I’ll go with the ones without the zips!), front and back pockets. They come with knee protectors, but not hip protectors so I bought the hip protectors also. I think they’re a brilliant idea and they’re as comfy as your usual pair of leggings. I highly recommend looking into some of these if you haven’t got some already, but just beware of the sizing! Also, trying to get a photo of these is a nightmare, so maybe next time I put them on I’ll take a photo!

Aaaaaand we’re finally at the bottom – BOOTIES, and no, not bums. 


Alpinestars SMX-6

I have small feeties to match my little arms and legs. I never bought my own pair of boots until a couple of years ago. I was using my Mom’s very very very old Sidi’s which are her pride and joy. I dread to think if she finds any scuffs or marks on them… sorry, Mom! I always found them very rigid and I definitely struggled changing gear in them although I don’t think I realised how much I struggled until I bought a pair of…. ALPINESTARS boots. Love Alpinestars clothing if you hadn’t already guessed! I bought the Stella SMX-6. The Stella range is specifically engineered for women and these boots are no different. They’re super comfy and have various safety features. There is an ankle brace that provides a biomechanical support between the top calf/shin to the ankle, shin guard, calf protector, heel counter, and gear pad. Toe protection too, of course. The rubber sole ensures the boot doesn’t slip when you stop and the grip on them is great! There’s so much control you get out of these boots as well as support. There’s a side entry, like most boots, with an elastic-mounted zipped with a massive velcro area. One of my favourite little things is the velcro on the actual zip to ensure it’s secure as well as them actually fitting my calves in! They’re brilliant boots that make changing gear a doddle and I’ve never had any issues with them.


There you have it. That’s my gear I wear every time I get on my motorbike. Buying these items is definitely down to personal preference. What fits me, what I find comfortable might not be for someone else, but if you’re struggling to find something and you’ve not tried the above, it’s definitely worth a shot! Some people prefer to wear leathers, whereas for me at the moment I’m quite comfy in these above. Plus, I’ve been putting off finding leathers as I think I’ll struggle to find a pair that fit. If you’re a fella, this probably doesn’t interest you much, sorry, but it’s been a difficult few years trying to find the best gear for us women so I definitely thought it was time I shared! I’ve had all of the above for approximately two years+ all of which I bought myself, or Chris did.

Ps. I have nothing against pink. I just hate when companies think that’s the only colour women will wear and therefore don’t give you an option of anything else. I remember there used to be a baby pink Richa jacket and it was the only women’s jacket around at the time. Vom. I have a pink buff, my helmet has pink on it and my gloves have pink accents too. I just don’t want that to be the only option available! Sizing of women’s motorcycle clothing has also come a long way in the last few years and it’s great to see that these can range from size 6 up to size 28 in some items! I love that there’s finally a decent range for women to choose from